Mara’s Kitchen: Home of Goodness

100% Celiac Gluten Free. Ketogenic. Paleo. Pegan. Mediterranean.

Meet Mara.

My name is Mara Dowling. I have been in the food Industry for more than 30 years Internationally. It is truly my deepest passion to create and design healthy innovative food for myself as well as many people. Especially those who are highly sensitive to gluten or just for people who are very health conscious. Food is my passion, my life and I am the walking product of my creations. I believe in maintaining good health through good nutrition, a balanced lifestyle and exercise. Health is our main foundation.

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Ketogenic Plate 2
RP 85,000

Open toast- topped with sautéed mixed local vegetables, tandoori chicken with tangy coconut yoghurt.

RP 78,000

Sweet potato and jackfruit cups- topped with aromatic sautéed mixed local vegetables and freshly grated coconut with roasted sesame and pumpkin seeds.

RP 65,000

Spinach, roasted pumpkin and vegetables – cooked slowly with home made aromatic curry paste and coconut milk. served with steamed aromatic quinoa


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Word of mouth is how we create an ongoing business.

Our Establishment is also focused on the happiness of all our staff, the more they are happy, the more they are productive and the result of all these, all our valued customers are satisfied. The way we maintain their happiness is to have respect for them and respect their own culture and values. Therefore, all our staff are paid appropriately according to their experience. I always encourage all my staff to participate in any creative thinking involving food and everything that will improve how we can make our valued customers happy.

100 % Gluten Free


Our Establishment also caters for Retreats, and we design the food menu according to individual needs.

I welcome you into my Kitchen and hope you will enjoy my cooking and all the benefits that

it will give you as much as I do. I only present what I would eat myself. Mara Dowling.